But He Loves Me

But He Loves Me by Katja RusanenRenate quits her studies in Bergen, Norway, and moves to buzzing London. She tries leaving her tragic past behind but nothing can stay unrevealed forever. During a reckless party night with her new best friend Madeleine she meets Mr Right, who finds out about her dark secrets and doesn’t run away.

Despite having already decided “never again”, Renate finds herself falling in love, and there are plenty more unexpected things heading her way. She refuses to listen to warnings from her well meaning friends, making excuses for her boyfriend both to them and to herself with “but he loves me…” But how much is too much even in love? What happens when Renate finds out that she is not the only one with a secret? The dangerous cat and mouse game back in Norway was just a warm-up for this one.


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What others say about “But He Loves Me”?

A compelling, eye opening story!

But He Loves Me is not my normal read, but the title and cover of this one caught my attention, and I am glad to have run across it. Renate is a realistic heroine that readers can relate to. Katja Rusanen has written a thought provoking story that raises awareness of what is truly happening inside an emotionally abusive relationship and the misconceptions others often have about these situations. A real eye opener.
Lisaf (published in www.amazon.com on 15 Oct 2013)

Loved her first book and this one even more.

I loved her first book but I think this is even better.
A gripping tale of what it feels like to be a young, naive, foreign girl seeking a good time in London and falling for an abuser. I cant wait to discover what Renate learns from her experiences and what life has in store for her next.

Bruce Mars (published in www.amazon.co.uk on 3 Nov 2013)

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