And You Must Love Me

And You Must Love Me by Katja Rusanen

When Renate falls for local bad-boy Ronny she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. After all, she’s only 15. She’s never had to deal with someone like his Gypsy girlfriend Sabina, who is ready to go to extremes to keep him. And she certainly wasn’t expecting to find herself caught up such a dangerous cat and mouse game which gets even more complicated when Ronny’s cousin Emil gets involved.

The news about the love tragedy that ensues travels fast in the small village of Loddefjord, Norway, and Renate feels invisible fingers pointing at her. She starts to fall apart under the pressure. But was it really Renate’s fault? Will she ever find out what really happened? Each malicious whisper at school increases her freefall. Can she stop her own destructive behavior before it’s too late?

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What others say about “And You Must Love Me”?

Could not put down!
We are invited to a small town in Norway, a detail which I just loved, for it brought the flavour of a place I have never visited. The story though is so universal that it could have taken place in any city or village as it captures so effortlessly archetypal experiences of coming to terms with love, life and its tragedies. Even though I am considerably older than the protagonists I found myself gripped by the intrigue. I strongly identified too with the romantic rollercoaster that is the life of Renate the main character. I think this work would transfer perfectly to the small screen and would make a wonderful tv dramatisation and series. I look forward to more from the talented Ms Rusanen.
Bruce Mars (published in on 13 Jun 2013) 

Compelling story!
This is a story anyone can relate to, anyone who has been in a relationship and had to learn how to cope with the complexities of love, desire, jealously, curiosity, trust, hurt and a number of other emotions tackled in the book. I found myself willing Renate (the lead character in the book) make the ‘right’ choices and decisions. Then when she chose her path, i became compelled to see how it would play out in the end. You’ll find yourself thinking, ‘would I have done that’? or ‘i know someone that happened to.’ That’s why I really enjoyed this book as it looked into the dynamics of relationships: parent and child, best friends, extended family and lovers, throwing up scenarios we may have experienced in our own lives and can draw parallels with the characters in the book.This book I would happily recommend to anyone.
Gary (published in on 15 Dec 2011)

Great teenage read!
I just got this book and I couldn’t put it down. It is perfectly aimed at teenagers and puts you right in the mind of young Renate. You follow the ups and downs of her feelings just like it’s happening to you. It’s a fast paced story set in the beautiful setting of Bergen, Norway. The serene setting acts like the perfect backdrop to Renate’s turbulent and sometimes violent story. A true and gritty story for anyone that is not afraid of real life action. Life is not a bed of roses but somehow you manage to pull through. Can’t wait for the sequel!.
Lil’ Star (published in on 18 Nov 2011) 

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