Author Katja RusanenI’m a Finnish writer who swapped the Nordic winters for Spanish sunshine in 2002, and has recently moved to California. I’m writing about journeys, which come from my heart. My books cover topics that will touch your soul and give hope even on the darkest day! You will get something to think about, something to talk about, and maybe even a push to start your personal transformation.
My debut novel “And You Must Love Me” was published in 2011, and its stand-alone sequel “But He Loves Me” came out in 2013. They are part of a transformational trilogy where I projected my own experiences and feelings onto writing. The final part of the trilogy “If I Love Me” came out on September 16th 2014. You can view my novels on Amazon.

And You Must Love Me by Katja RusanenBut He Loves Me by Katja RusanenIf I Love Me by Katja Rusanen